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Over the years I have been to many a "lion kill site" but to my recollection, this was one of the most definitive. We were driving down the river (in the jeep) in the early post-dawn hours and came across this herd of zebra milling about. It was hotter than Hades that day and the zebra were obviously hungry and thirsty. The herd, knowing the risks involved, were hanging back, trying to decide if the way was clear to approach the river. The senior males had a little bit of a consultation - it seemed as if they really were discussing the situation - and they then started to move towards the water.
We drove around the bend in the river only to find a pair of lionesses patiently waiting for their meal to arrive. They were very alert and intent on what the zebra were doing so we decided to hang about for awhile.
The zebra were down by the water drinking when all hell broke loose. The herd scrambled up the river bank and took off into the bush with lionesses close on their tails.
At one point, one lioness (the one left by our vehicle) chased a zebra mare right around the car and had the mare not zigged at the right time it would have been taken down close beside my right front tire. Absolutely amazing.
Not to be left totally without, the other lioness of the pair had hidden in the brush near the river and took one of the weaker and smaller zebras as it came up the river bank.
The two lionesses then joined forces and proceeded to dine.
Within 20 secs they were joined by a third lioness, who had been hiding down by the water and she was the one that had actually started the stampede (we never knew she was there).
It was one of those times when I got so involved with what was going on that I totally forgot to use my camera during the best parts of the event.

One must always remember that this is nature at its basic. The lions survive for another day and the zebra are more fit with the sick and infirm being culled out of the herd.
Exceedingly impressive.
The gathering zebra herdThe discussionThe decision - it's a go.The riverThe river bankLadies in waitingSeemingly relaxed but very alertThe sneaky oneNow you see herand then she's gone, with this one left by herself.The herd stampedesThe kill accomplishedDragging up from the river, before the crocs come to shareThe girls join forces for breakfastHunkering downAnd the third member of the team appearsand finds her own spot at the tableGirls -- are they watching us??I think they just might be ... yes ! ... they are !