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Welcome to Global Odyssey.

Scroll down to skip the introduction, then click on the desired folder to open. You may also go directly to the BLOG option by selecting Blog at the top right or bottom centre of any page.

This web site is mainly concerned with photography from a variety of places around the world.
Regarding the “Travel” partition of the site, we have personally visited most of the countries listed at one time or another and have recorded the experiences as well as we could with the technology that was available at the time. Not all images are of the best quality but they do underscore the variety of geography and cultures from around the world.

Travelogues is a special interest of mine. I go to different places frequently and I really wanted to let people know, should they choose to go where I have been, what to expect. In this partition, I have tried to do that.

In addition, I have uploaded examples of the photographic “fine art” form under the partition "Photography" and folder “Photos I Wish I'd Taken”. There are also some images that have been received from a variety of sources and are of unknown origin or copyright. They are included for your viewing pleasure.

The prints on this web site have been uploaded full size. Although you can’t copy or download them to your computer, some of the prints are for sale (should you see something that catches your eye). I am not out to make money from this program nor do I wish to incur a lot of expense by supplying prints for free. Should you want a print of a photo shown, please order from the processers listed. By “right clicking” on an individual image you can add it to your shopping cart and then follow the usual pro-forma to make the purchase. Prints are available in a variety of sizes and mountings, courtesy of the processers. Thank you for understanding.

If you have any questions please note them in the guest book (along with your email address) and they will be replied to as time allows. If you do include your email address please insure you select the “private entry” selection on the comments page. That way I am the only one who will see what you’ve written and your privacy is maintained.

As time passes, more photos will be uploaded for your viewing pleasure. As I mentioned earlier, depending on the equipment used and the sources from which I have been able to procure the images, the picture quality may vary. Poorer quality images are usually not for sale but are included mainly as informational items.

Last point - I will be updating photographs and adding written material to many of the galleries as time permits. Please feel free to revisit whenever you feel the urge and see what's been added.

The images are contained in the folders and galleries below. Review them at your leisure – there is no time limit – but the most important thing above all is …. enjoy the tour.


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