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Loreto is the standard sleepy little Mexican town. They have 3 main stores there, "The Walmart store", Leys, and Pescador. You start at one and end up going to all three to fill your shopping list. for what you can't find there is amazon .. and yes, they deliver to your door in Nopolo.
There is a lovely walk way (the Malecon) and a marina where the pelicans sit on the boat engines and crap all over the place. The rest of the side streets are basically dirt roads that don't stand up to the rain all that well. The main drag is paved - kind of.
The church is old, the main plaza is used a lot and on one occasion when we were there the local Optimist club was holding a fund raiser.
There a a couple of really nice restaurants and the prices are similar to what we have in Canada.
Once you learn your way around, its quaint and can buy nearly everything you need.