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Nopolo itself is about 10 km south of Loreto and is an easy access from the airport.
The Nopolo is an area that originally wasintended to hold 6000 houses plus a golf course, a couple of apartment buildings, and a hotel. They got the first part finished but then the housing crisis in 2008 hit and the place dried up. The local owners had to pony up additional money to keep the project alive, and now, some 10 yrs later, there are 600 homes (about 50% are for rental use) and the slow recovery continues.
Most owners and permanent residents are Canadian with some Americans thrown in for good measure. It is well patrolled by their own security teams and the 3 stores can provide limited quantities of food and drink if you don't want to go into town.
They offer all the water sports plus deep sea fishing (Dorado, billfish, etc) plus the golf course. It is a nice place to walk around in, there is no need to fear the cartels (they want the foreign currency too) and people are really friendly. They have a really nice breakfast/lunch restaurant where we had breakies a couple of times, plus an honour library, a couple of real estate offices and the hotel seems to be doing okay. The golf course is a good draw as well.
As you can see, the houses are vertical rather than spread out, and there is a myriad of small pathways between them that make a walk interesting. The beach is a 5 min walk from everywhere in the complex.