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Every year the town of Parksville (east coast and mid island) hosts a World Sandcastle Sculpting competition. This year it was held on the beach area of the central park. Being July there are a ton of tourists visiting, plus a lot of we who are residents that go to the park to see what the various artists have done.
The artists have come from as far away as New Zealand, Holland, the U.S., England ... and of course Canada is well represented. Today is the final day of sculpting and the judges will announce the winner at 3pm. As you can see from the photos many of the displays aren't quite ready yet, but I was taking these pics around noon time, so they have a couple of hours yet to complete their work.
The statuary will remain intact and protected until mid august, when they will be bulldozed into the sea. I'l be sure to add the winners to the end of the gallery, for your viewing pleasure.
Lots of folks came by to see the artists at workQuality Foods hosts the event and charge a $3 entry fee - money for the needy.Main entry with sponsors listedA lot of people seem to think so!Parliament buildings, Saskatchewan wheat pool silo and the Toronto CN Tower.Neil Young on one sideBuffy Ste Marie & Dr David Suzuki on the other side.