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This is a compilation of some of the photographs
I have taken over the past few years.

I particularly favour wildlife (mainly African) as well
as scenery and still life from the various locations we
have visited in our travels.
I also have discovered a liking for "candid portraiture",
although obtaining releases from the subjects
after the fact can be very difficult.

As I mentioned, this is a compilation, so please
feel free to explore the other partitions on the
web site for photographs that may spark your interest.

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White Lavender - White Rock, B.C. CanadaA Rose by any other name - White Rock, B.C. CanadaMdina backstreet - MaltaMarssaloxx harbour - MaltaToyota car museum - Nagoya, JapanOpera House by the water - Sydney, AustraliaSunset over Darling Harbour - Sydney, AustraliaDowntown Vancouver Apts - B.C. CanadaLions 1 - What we seeLions 2 - Lions only see in black and whiteImpala - Chobi, BotswanaElephants Retreat, nightfall in Moremi - BotswanaSavuti Lions with Cubs - BotswanaLechwe - Moremi, BotswanaCape Buffalo (the boyfriend) - Moremi BotswanaThe Girlfriend - Moremi, BotswanaComing for water - Savuti, BotswanaAcacia tree - Chobe, BotswanaEland - Savuti, BotswanaSitatunga - Chobe, Botswana