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Every summer in mid August there is the Coombs Annual Summer Fair. It's a modest undertaking but the entire community pitches in and there seems to be something for everyone. The Four "H"'ers are out in force with all their animals (pigs, goats, calves, and assorted others, like cavies and rabbits, etc) The kids show them off and everyone gets a ribbon. There is also a horse and cattle show - where the cattle are auctioned off after the event .. and the younger folks get to be judged on their riding skills and how they show their horses. There are the usual food wagons and mini-rides geared toward the really young. There is also a barn where local folks have displays that run from photography to knitting, floral arrangements, and various other arts and crafts. They even had a fairly good blues band offering a couple of sets in the afternoon. It's a dry location and caters to the families who live on the island. It's a really nice event to go see and most everyone has fun.