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This past spring we decided to go visit Victoria for a couple of days - to get out for awhile and away from the Covid isolation. One major stop was the Butchart gardens out on the Saanich peninsula.
The gardens were the work of a very well to do family that lived on the grounds and after all was said and done, ended up donating the gardens and grounds to the federal govt. It is now a National Park for all to enjoy.
We went at the beginning of the flower season and found not all of the plantings and flowers were at their height of display as it had been a fairly cold spring.
In the second gallery of photos, we visited in late September to try and catch the gardens in full bloom ... but alas, there was an extremely short fall and then headed into winter, and my main reason for the second visit being seeing the rose garden in full bloom failed as the roses had all been "blown" by the cold weather and so were not nice at all.
Maybe next year in July/August