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The Socialist Republic of Vietnam is the easternmost country on the Indo-China Peninsula in southeast Asia. It has a coastline on the South China Sea and is bordered by China to the north, Laos to the northwest and the Kingdom of Cambodia to the southwest. It has a population of around 85 million.

Although the Vietnam War finally ended in 1975, Vietnam is still viewed by many as a war-torn nation. The reality is that following the country’s reunification, its wounds have healed remarkably well. Today, Vietnam is an exceptional travel destination, brimming with captivating natural beauty. Its highlands and national parks include some of the world’s few remaining primeval tropical forests and have an abundance of fascinating wildlife. Its islands and beaches are among the best in southeast Asia and offer scuba diving, snorkeling and deep-sea fishing. Cycling, hiking, horseback riding are pure pleasure in the peaceful countryside and villages. The Vietnamese are a gracious, hospitable people and their cuisine is among the finest in the world.


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