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The Farm and Ranch museum is located on the southeastern side of Las Cruces and is the home of a variety of displays mainly dealing with the early days of ranching in New Mexico. Every year it holds the Annual Cowboy days event which is usually quite well attended. Kids dress up like cowboys, the adults wear the Levi's and boots, and there are a number of displays showing everything from chuck wagon cooking to gunfights in the grassed area beside the main building. The mounted riders have their own area where they shoot balloons off poles while galloping around the course. It's all very noisy and dusty .. and people love it.
The highlight for us is the noon time "Parade of Breeds. Greg Ball is the curator of livestock for the museum and he rides around the show ring on his own horse and wheels in examples of every breed of cattle that have been ranched in New MExico since the early days of the Spanish. He has his own ranch and raises calves for sale, and also tends the livestock over at the New Mexico State University's livestock area. He's been doing this lecture during Cowboy days since forever and is one of the most knowledgeable people in the business in the southern U.S. We've seen him every year for the past 6 yrs and never fail to learn something new every time he does one of these lectures. He knows us now and we always have a short chat after the lecture, just to say hi. His daughter has a Masters in large animal genetics and helps Greg with the breeding program the university has, which is where Greg gets some of his show stock.