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This is the usual "parade of breeds" lecture given by Greg Ball, the curator of livestock at the ranch. He's been doing this for 41 years now and is the revered expert in the raising if cattle and horses, among all the other livestock in the ranch.
The cattle lecture is fascinating as Greg explains the different breed characterstics and also gives the history of why the breed changes have evolved over the years.
He starts with the Corrientes, then the Herefords, then the Angus, and finishes with the Brahma and Brangus cross.
In the 7 years we have been attending his presentations, he never ceases to come up with new and different information.
He usually seeks us out in the crowd and says his hellos - and we chat sometimes after the show, just to catch up. He's a really nice person, as well as being an original "modern day cowboy".