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In 1996 we decided to fulfill a life long ambition and travel to see the wildlife in Africa. After years of watching Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom, National Geographic and other such channels we thought that we should actually go before all the wildlife disappeared. Little did we know that this would the beginning of a love affair with that part of the world that has lasted ever since.

We have additionally been most fortunate to take part in conservation studies of the wildlife and with any luck will do so again. These studies give participants a much greater understanding of Africa and its wildlife, as well as the problems inherant in living within an environment where wild animals are the dominant concern of the local peoples. If you get a chance to take part in such a study, it would be well worth your time to do so.

I have posted many but not all of the photos that I took when on our various treks and although some have been scanned from old photographs, hopefully they will provide you with just a little of the "wonders" we were exposed to while travelling through the "dark continent"..

Kenya/Tanzania 1996

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Kenya/Tanzania 1996

South Africa, Zimbabwe & Zambia 1998

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South Africa,  Zimbabwe & Zambia 1998

With Earthwatch in Kenya 2001

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With Earthwatch in Kenya 2001


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